My Journey as a Recording Studio Owner


My journey as a recording studio owner and my highly capable team, is a testament to following my passion and taking leaps of faith. Although my career in music began in more traditional roles, such as being a professional pianist and leading bands / musical director for major corporate events and shows, I couldn't shake the feeling that something more significant was calling me. That 'something' turned out to be owning a recording studio—a decision I made despite feeling utterly terrified of what lay ahead.

Once I embraced this opportunity, my life took an exciting and unexpected turn. Stepping into the recording studio each day feels like entering a creative sanctuary, with the equipment and history of the studio bearing witness to countless artists who have poured their hearts into their music here. What truly makes my journey remarkable is the people I encounter—the artists themselves.

I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of talents, from aspiring singer-songwriters to seasoned musicians.

The real magic happens when a song comes to life in the studio, and I can witness the artists' joy as their music fills the space. Guiding and supporting these individuals as they channel their emotions into their music is an honour for me.

I conclude my first blog post with gratitude for the unexpected journey I've embarked on as a recording studio owner. This role allows me to live my passion every day, and I'm eager to share the studio's magic with others. I promise more blog posts that will offer glimpses into the heart of the studio and the world of music creation.

My journey is a testament to pursuing one's passions and finding fulfillment in unexpected places.

Yours in music,

Peter Enslin